Gift a Bee Box


Looking for the perfect gift? The Apis cerana bee is a generous gift-giver, producing honey and beeswax, pollinating flowers, and increasing agricultural production. You can be a part of this circle of giving by sponsoring a bee box on behalf of yourself, friends and family.

By sponsoring a bee box, you will:

  • Encourage the protection of the indigenous Apis cerana bee
  • Support skill development so that a farmer can become a beekeeper
  • Enable a tribal farmer to set up a bee box and beekeeping equipment
  • Promote the use of locally made bee boxes and equipment in rural areas

As part of this sweet exchange, we will send you:

  • A certificate of sponsorship (in your name or in the name of your friend/family member)
  • A photo of your bee box and beekeeper
  • Regular updates on beekeeping and events at UTMT