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Organic Certification Scope Certificate



We are often asked by new and existing consumers if our Honey NMR tested?

But, what is NMR Testing?

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR) is a test performed on honey to detect adulteration and authenticity of geographical origin. Honey has a very distinct spectrum and when the tested honey spectra is run through a magnetic resonance system and compared to spectra of similar honey it determines whether the honey is adulterated with a modified type of sugar and confirms its geographical origin. 
Our commitment to “Purity and Traceability” has set a standard for providing 100% pure honey to consumers and over the last decade we have continuously tested and certified our honey. In keeping with this commitment we are proud to share that our honeys have passed the NMR test in addition to confirming our honey origin as Indian.  Our Honey were tested by Intertek at Bruker Labs, the German company who developed the NMR technology.