Refund policy

Once an order is confirmed, Under The Mango Tree (UTMT) will not accept return or refund requests . However, in any of the below situations, we are more than happy to work with our customers to find an amicable solution that is fair to all parties. 

UTMT also reserves the right to cancel or refuse to accept any order placed due to various reasons including but not limited to, the non-availability of stock, pricing errors, informational errors or problems identified with the personal/financial details provided by the customer.


In case of Damaged product 

While we take the utmost care of ensuring your order is packed with the extra security needed for handling glass bottles – there is damage sometimes. 

If your order is damaged, UTMT needs to be notified of damaged product within 48 hours from the delivery date via email to with the subject heading: “Damaged Package”. In the email please share your order number, image of invoice, 1 outer box image, 2 clear images of damaged product and your phone number. 

In case of multiple item shipments, only the affected product can be returned and replaced.

Please note, your email will be responded to within 24-48 hrs of receipt and we will work with you on doing our best to provide an amicable solution.

In case of Missing product

UTMT needs to be notified of missing product within 48 hours from delivery date via email to with the subject heading: “Missing Item”. In the email please share your order number, image of invoice, 1 outer box image, 2 clear images of the opened box with all the items that were sent and your phone number. 

We are unable to accept a refund request. But, we will be happy to promptly re-send the missing product

Email will be responded to within 24-48 hrs and full assistance will be provided thereafter. 


Once an order is submitted, it automatically goes to the packing department and we begin preparing to ship out the product. In case of cancellation, please send us an email with the Subject – “Cancellation” within two hours of your order.


Products once opened are not eligible for return except in special scenarios.  Please email us at within 48 hours from the delivery date and inform us of your specific reason for wanting a return and we will do our best to service your request. In the email please share your order number, image of invoice, 1 outer box image, 2 clear images of product and your phone number. 

Items that are shipped to UTMT without adequate packing to ensure the safe return and are subsequently damaged are not eligible for full return credit. 

Please note that shipping costs for returns are the responsibility of the customer. Please return via insured parcel post for tracking purposes. We cannot be responsible for return packages lost in transit.

Please return to:

Under The Mango Tree

A 412, Byculla Service Industries Premises Co-op Society Ltd., 

Dadoji Kondeo Cross Marg, Byculla, Mumbai 400027

Tel: +91-22-9029057953 


Please note, we are unable to accept returns due to variance in taste, texture, colour or aroma. 

This is because our 100% natural and pure, single-origin honey are unlike supermarket honeys that are generally blended, ultra-filtered and pasteurized to create a uniform product. UTMT honeys are not processed and possess their own distinct flavour and colour and can also have variations in these characteristics from year to year with no two batches being identical. In addition, our honeys do crystallize as crystallization of honey is a natural process of 100% pure honey. 

For your information:   

Under The Mango Tree’s defines its all-natural honey as single-origin honey – as it is single-sourced honey directly collected from small beekeeper groups across the country. Honeys collected by beekeepers, retain their unique flavours which are influenced by the floral nectar or locations of bee hives. For example, our Wild Forest honey is from the Narmada forest and our Litchi honey from the Litchi orchards of Bihar.

As our honeys are not processed like commercial honeys - they are extremely different to commercial honeys, some of the differences are:

Flora or Geographical origin: Commercial honeys do not show case the flora or geographic region, ours do. We showcase our honeys by flora source - for example, Litchi, Eucalyptus, Sweet Clover, or geographical regional source, such as Wild Forest that comes from Central India, Himalayan Flora that comes from the Himalayas. 

Honeys from different bees: Different species of bees make different type of honeys. Commercial honeys blend various types of honeys. Our honeys also come from different bees and we keep it separate. The Wild Forest honey comes from sustainably harvested hives of the Apis Dorsata or the rock bee. The rock bee is known for high pollen content honeys. Pollen is recognized as 100% protein and our honeys sometimes has a creamy malai like layer. 

Colour: Commercial honeys always of a single colour and a uniform flavour. Our honeys vary in colour and taste. For example, our Saffron honey is almost white in colour while our Wild Forest is a dark honey, to our Mahua-Palash honey which is a reddish honey. 

All our honeys are 100% pure and collected directly from beekeepers. We are a social enterprise that prides itself on supporting poor farmers by creating market access and showcasing to customers the purity of pure, single-origin honeys. We work hard with poor farmers and the impact we have made on their lives is significant.