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Honey Subscription - The Hive!
Honey Subscription - The Hive!
Honey Subscription - The Hive!
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Honey Subscription - The Hive!

The Hive Subscription is for those who enjoy 100% pure and gourmet honeys delivered to their doorstep every month! This healthy treat not only makes a fun gift to give, but also a fun gift for yourself as the bottle variant is a surprise! 

What you Get:

  • A bottle of our unique single-origin honey with no 2 months being the same. 
  • Special Offers, honey fun facts & recipes,
  • 25% off while subscribing for a year 
  • Free shipping

All you need to do is select the plan, share your shipping details with us, make the payment and we will take care of the rest! Please email any specific queries to

***Please note: all our honey have passed the NMR test and confirm to our honey origin as Indian. Read More

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    • What is the difference between Lichi Honey, Eucalyptus honey, tulasi honey etc., Are you adding any lichi syrup or eucalyptus or tulasi to honey?

      For your information:   

      Under The Mango Tree’s defines its all-natural honey as single-origin honey – as it is single-sourced honey directly collected from small beekeeper groups across the country. Honeys collected by beekeepers, retain their unique flavours which are influenced by the floral nectar or locations of bee hives. For example, our Wild Forest honey is from the Narmada forest and our Litchi honey from the Litchi orchards of Bihar.

      Unlike supermarket honeys, which are generally blended, ultra-filtered, and pasteurized to create a uniform product, Under The Mango Tree honeys are not processed and possess their own distinct flavor and color and can also have variations in these characteristics from year to year. 

      As our honeys are not processed like commercial honeys - they are extremely different to commercial honeys, some of the differences are:

      1. Flora or Geographical origin: Commercial honeys do not show case the flora or geographic region, ours do. We showcase our honeys by flora source - for example, Litchi, Eucalyptus, Sweet Clover, or geographical regional source, such as Wild Forest that comes from Central India, Himalayan Flora that comes from the Himalayas. 
      1. Honeys from different bees: Different species of bees make different type of honeys. Commercial honeys blend various types of honeys. Our honeys also come from different bees and we keep it separate. The Wild Forest honey comes from sustainably harvested hives of the Apis Dorsata or the rock bee. The rock bee is known for high pollen content honeys. Pollen is recognized as 100% protein and our honeys sometimes has a creamy malailike layer. 
      1. Colour - Commercial honeys always of a single colour and a uniform flavour. Our honeys vary in colour and taste. For example, our Saffron honey is almost white in colour while our Wild Forest is a dark honey, to our Mahua-Palash honey which is a reddish honey. 

      All our honeys are 100% pure and collected directly from beekeepers. We are a social enterprise that prides itself on supporting poor farmers by creating market access and showcasing to customers the purity of pure, single-origin honeys. We work hard with poor farmers and the impact we have made on their lives is significant. 

      I do hope we have been able to address your concerns - should you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email. 

    • Hi, 1 From where do you source honey from? 2 Do you source directly from tribal people? 3. is this honey from mountain or wild forest or from the honey farm? 3

      Dear Pradeep, 
      Thank you for your questions about where we source our honey from. 
      Our honey is sourced from a number of locations across the country and is made by different type of bees.
      Some of our honey such as Wild Forest Honey, Tribal Gold Honey, Jamun Honey and our popular Organic Certified Honey is sourced from forests where we also have organc certification in collaoration with the Forest Department. For colelction of these honey we work with Honey hunters who are trained to sustainabily harvest honey. 
      Our Litchi Honey, Eucalyptus Honey and Sweet Clover are honey harvested from bee boxes.
      Hope the above helps answer your questions. 
      Thanks - VIJAYA PASTALA