Eucalyptus Honey: Nutritional Benefits of your Monsoon Cure!

Eucalyptus Honey: Nutritional Benefits of your Monsoon Cure!

What is Eucalyptus Honey?

Made from the nectar of Eucalyptus flowers, our Eucalyptus Honey is here to support you this monsoon through your constant battle with coughs and colds. Its smooth taste and sweet aroma have made our customers fall head over heels in love with this month’s special honey. Our Honey is pure, smooth and has a light fruity finish taste of Eucalyptus Honey! Unlike supermarket honeys, which are usually mixed, ultra-filtered, and pasteurized to obtain a uniform product, Under The Mango Tree honey are not processed, each having their own distinctive taste and colour, which can also vary in these characteristics from year to year.  

UTMT’s dehumidified Eucalyptus Honey is sourced from beekeepers’ boxes placed on Eucalyptus plantations in the Shivaliks, near the Himachal Pradesh and Punjab border. A light amber honey with a sweet herbal fruity flavour, it is known as a traditional remedy for coughs and colds. 

Health benefits of Eucalyptus Honey

Studies have shown that most honey has natural antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. However, according to research the eucalyptol compound that gives Eucalyptus Honey its unique aroma and taste is itself a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that enhances its therapeutic effects. The flavonoids present in Eucalyptus are plant-based antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals in our bodies. This boosts our overall health. Even the tannins can help to reduce inflammation. Our honey comes packed with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that naturally helps in reinforcing our immune system. 

As a result of its cold and flu fighting properties, Eucalyptus Honey is suitable for relieving respiratory diseases such as cough, bronchitis or asthma. It also helps to drain mucus and relieve nasal congestion. Ayurveda supports the medicinal value of honey and its remedial properties. Called nature's natural antibiotic, it has proven to be more effective than cough syrups for sore throats, the menthol-like properties of eucalyptus make it an excellent decongestant, and it has strong expectorant power to clear mucus. 

The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMM) conducted a study that describes how traditional indigenous medications used eucalyptus to treat skin injuries and fungal infections. Like all honey, Eucalyptus Honey benefits also include being useful for healing ulcers, cuts, wounds, burns, and sores, because of its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Eucalyptus honey for skin helps in anti-aging, moisturizing, and fighting bacteria and gives a special glow when used for self-care purposes. 

Be prepared and shield yourself and your loved ones with our Monsoon cure!

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