What is Organic Honey?

What is Organic Honey?
Honey is the by-product of flower nectar - the sugary sweet liquid produced by the flower’s nectary glands) and the digestive tract of a bee. Honey can also be created when bees collect plant secretions or sap.

‘Forager’ or ‘worker’ bees collect nectar from plants by drinking it. As they feed they also collect pollen (which the male part of the plant produces) on their tiny bodies and legs. They then transfer the pollen to the flower they gorge on transferring it to the stigma (the female plant part) – a process which is known as pollination. It is estimated bees pollinate about 1/6 of flowering plant species and around 400 different types of agricultural crops.

The forager bee then brings its nectar prize back to the hive and passes it via their mouth to an ‘indoor’ bee. These indoor bees pass the liquid from mouth to mouth until the water content of the nectar reduces from 70% to about 20% when it is deposited in honeycomb. It is capped with beeswax which a secretion of bees – where it stays until the bees need it for food.
Yes, honey is the food of bees.

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