Honey and Ayurveda

Honey and Ayurveda
Honey is considered “amrita" or "healing nectar” in Ayurveda, its health benefits and unparalleled healing potential long used as both food and medicine for thousands of years. However it has the power to heal, it can harm as well depending how it is used. Therefore knowing the best methods to use it and when to avoid it are essential!
Ayurveda uses honey against many diseases, especially for healing and cleaning wounds and different internal and external infections. The Ayurvedic scriptures recognise honey as one of the most important medicines used in Ayurveda. It is used for both internal and external applications and for the treatment of eye diseases, cough, thirst, phlegm, hiccups, blood in vomit, leprosy, diabetes, obesity, worm infestation, vomiting, asthma, diarrhoea and healing wounds.”
In Ayurvedic preparations, honey is used as a natural preservative and sweetener and often added to other medicines to improve their efficacy or to mitigate side effects. It should be noted that fresh honey helps increase body mass while old honey produces constipation and decreases body mass. Also, it’s important to remember that Honey should not be boiled as that causes toxicity. Room temperature honey should always be used.
There are 634 Ayurvedic remedies that contain honey which use eight different types of honey that are made by different types of bees.
Two popular remedies are:
– A spoon of honey mixed with juice of half a lemon in a glass of lukewarm water and taken on an empty stomach is an effective remedy for constipation and hyper-acidity.
– Fasting on honey-lemon juice water is highly beneficial in the treatment of obesity without loss of energy and appetite.
To conclude, as per Ayurveda, Honey is considered as a food that betters our health and improves our immunity.

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